Activities/Things to do in St Lucia

The Caribbean is one of a handful of bucket-list destinations which is deservedly enduring in its allure. When it comes to unique selling point the Caribbean has an abundance of these. Of course, the instantly Instagram-able pristine beaches, warm clear waters and tropical landscapes are ubiquitous in the region, but every island has something different to offer in character, culture, climate and cuisine. With a flurry of activities and places to see, with our expert help, you will never be bored!

St Lucia:

St Lucia is famous for the Piton Mountains, a great exploration of their conical and Majestic hillsides, the piton peaks are cloaked with intertwined tropical flora, a striking mass of greenery against the backdrop of bright-blue Caribbean Skies, a great day out exploring! Or explore it Mountain Biking through the St Lucian Rainforest or Flying through the vegetation on a 500ft long Zip-Wire. St Lucia also boasts its own dormant Volcano, Sulphur Springs, the only drive in volcano in the world, an authentic St Lucia experience the whole family will never forget. St Lucia also hosts many Professional Golf Courses and Tennis Courts as well as the opportunity to Ride a Horse down a long stretch of Beach. Alternatively, if aquatics is more your thing, you can Snorkel or Dive and discover the depths of the Caribbean sea and the diversity of life beneath the ocean or visit Splash Island Water park for an adrenaline fun filled afternoon of water slides. If a classier alternative is more your cup of tea then explore the St Lucia island in dry luxury on board a stunning Boat to discover the picturesque coastline and all the beauty it holds. St Lucia also offers the classiest in Wedding Packages, as big or small as you want in quaint perfection. In the quiet beautiful scenery of Pigeon Island a National Park in St Lucia, enjoy your perfect wedding in a world of your own.


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